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My best friend, Connor McLeod (@daftaries), launched his new online platform this week. The site is a non-profit online publication. Alphabetically ordered, it exists to celebrate creative women living and working in Scotland. Be sure to check out both his site and Insatgram that features fresh daily content and blog posts by all the creative women in his life. 

Artwork by Chloe Boughton

He kindly invited me on as a guest blogger to talk all things business and post uni life, read it below!!


pplrstrange // Emma Russell

doing it for yourself, being a woman in business & collaboration over competition

Throughout university and after I graduated, I worked for different women and women-led brands in different cities in Europe. I was so inspired by the depth of culture that surrounded me throughout each of these experiences that I wanted to bring home to Glasgow what I had experienced elsewhere. I hear so many friends and former students saying they feel they need to move away to other cities to make it in the creative industries. I wanted to change that. I want to change the stigma around Glasgow not being creative enough; not having enough jobs for us; not having the events that cities have elsewhere; not being recognised as an innovative and creative city. And that’s one of the reasons I’ve started my business, pplrstrange.

Not only was I inspired by this - I was inspired by the girls, women, ladies, sisters, mums and best friends that I have worked for; the women behind the brands. Interning for independent brands allowed me to get to know these women and it really motivated me to work for myself. Each and every one of them were so successful but most importantly, each and every one of them were happy. I aspire to that.

Working for yourself, doing it for yourself and succeeding at it is a hard job and something most people shy away from. Cliché but if you want something enough, you can make it happen! Taking all the advice and inspiration I picked up whilst away, I started my own business called pplrstrange. I was working as a Buyer Assistant for a fashion brand at this point so leaving that and starting my own thing was a huge, huge risk but a risk worth taking if everything worked out. One piece of advice I’ll always give is trying to have a positive state of mind. I tried to think positively about everything – instead of dwelling on what could go wrong, I thought about what could go right. Why couldn’t my business work out like the girls I worked for? I started off with so many negative thoughts and doubts in my head. You won’t succeed at something that way. Change the negative into positive. Obviously, a lot of time, hard work and dedication goes into it but try train your brain to think you will succeed; and you will. (I recommend reading Jen Scenario books btw, v v good at helping you think this way and for advice).

pplrstrange is a creative-led event production agency bringing innovative consumer experiences in and around Glasgow. My mission is to regenerate the UK high street by bringing exclusive and unique consumer experiences in unforgettable venues. Built on the power of network, my aim is to collaborate, converse and support local talents, young brands and businesses in Scotland. I want to work with as many people, places and products as possible - therefor I’m always working on new ways to connect, interact and expand. 

Glasgow is drowning in a pool of insanely talented people with creative concepts, ideas and brands. I believe it makes sense to come together and collaborate on projects, events and anything that’ll get people shouting about our city! Collaboration over competition, always.

Starting in 2019, I’m curating a series of events called CREATE. These are monthly events that will bring to you some of the best industry leaders in Scotland. Including entrepreneurs and professionals within the creative industries. The aim is to give people seeking help or advice or young creatives an insight into how to start your own business, get help within the creative industry and time for a Q&A. Each event will be unique with something fun happening at every one. Including cocktails, canapes, branded cupcakes, goodie bags and the chance to shop exclusive collections and products with each brand or business talking.


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